Where do you get all the movies to watch? The bulk so far have been from my own Blu-ray, DVD or VUDU collection. I am also a dinosaur, so I still have a Netflix account that sends me physical discs. What I can’t get there I go to Netflix streaming, HULU, Amazon Prime, On Demand, and various other streaming apps or borrow from friends. I know technology is wonderful and all, but a brick and mortar Blockbuster would honestly make this little project a lot easier.

Are The Pixar movies a “shared universe”? No. There is a difference between a movie universe and Easter Eggs. So yes, while you may see The Pizza Planet Truck from Toy Story in The Incredibles or a pic of Sully in Brave, the movies are not all part of the same story. Those are just little winks to the audience by very talented and sometimes bored animators. That said there are many people who believe they are all connected, but that is more a fan theory than something the filmmakers were consciously trying to do. You can read more about The Pixar Theory here.

What about The Muppets? The Muppets are odd. Yes, they have 10 movies, but aside from the last two, none of them are “connected”. The Muppets in the majority of their films seem to be playing characters named, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, etc, but not the SAME characters as the other films. For example Kermit in The Muppet Movie, is trying to get into show business, but Kermit in Great Muppet Caper is a reporter, and Kermit in Muppets Take Manhattan is recent college grad trying to sell a Broadway musical. He’s never the same KERMIT, its Kermit the Frog, playing a character named Kermit in each movie. Think of it like how the cast of A Fish Called Wanda was all in Fierce Creatures, but they didn’t play the same characters as the ones in “Wanda”. Or maybe the way Monty Python did their movies.

Does that mean the Lord of the Rings trilogy is out? No there are six movies, the LOTR trilogy and the Hobbit Trilogy. AND YOU CAN FIND IT HERE! 

What about the Bond movies? The Bond movies as a whole don’t really share the same universe. I mean they do in that he is a secret agent named James Bond, his number is 007,  his boss is M and he gets gadgets from Q. But beyond that the movies with different actors playing Bond, aren’t that connected. For example you don’t need to have seen Goldfinger to understand what’s going in Goldeneye. So for the Bond films I decided to split them into their own universes, by the actor. So  there will be  a “Connery-verse”, a “Moore-verse”, a “Bronson-verse” and a “Craig-verse”.  And then maybe I’ll try and figure out a place for Timothy Dalton and George Lazenby.

How about Star Trek? That is easy til you get to Abrams reboot. I’m still thinking on that one. Probably Star Trek I thru IV, then the Next Generation movies, then the Abrams movies.  But this could change.

When will you do Star Wars? Since there won’t be another movie til 2022 probably soon…

The Twilight movies? DONE AND DONE

What about the X-Men movies? I don’t know. It gives me a headache trying to figure the order to watch those out. Do you watch the Fassbender/ McAvoy ones first or the Stewart / McKellan ones? Then where do you throw in the Wolverine movies, which timeline wise, are all over the place and contradict other films. Where does Deadpool fit in? I can feel my migraine starting right now.

What about Friday the 13th / Nightmare on Elm Street / Halloween?  I gotta admit I’m NOT a big horror guy.  I might try and tackle one or two of these, but there is only so much random teenagers being murdered after having sex I can handle. Certainly not nine times. You want to tackle all Jason, Michael Myers (not Mike Myers), Freddie Krueger, Chucky or Jigsaw movies, let me know.

What Movie Universes Do You Plan to Watch? Just the ones below for now. If you have more, let me know.

The Known Universes

Marvel Cinematic Universe

DC Expanded Universe


James Bond

Hunger Games

View Askew (Kevin Smith)

Planet of the Apes


Star Wars

Pirates of the Caribbean

Despicable Me / Minions

Star Trek

Harry Potter

Superman (Donner films)

Batman (Burton  / Schumacher Films)

Rocky / Creed

Men In Black



Fast and the Furious

J. R. R. Tolkien (Hobbit/ LOTR)

Mission Impossible

Indiana Jones

Oceans 11-13 & 8

Jason Bourne

Die Hard





Mad Max

Lethal Weapon

National Lampoon Vacations

Jack Ryan

Jurassic Park

Pink Panther

Karate Kid

Ice Age

Dirty Harry


Police Academy

Evil Dead


The Mummy